Transdermal Rapamycin Cream

Buy Rapamycin online for a longer more active life

Our custom formulated low dose transdermal Rapamycin cream containing 120mg Rapamycin.

Transdermal delivery is a perfect way to deliver Rapamycin into the body as it bypasses the digestive system which can breakdown rapamycin. This type of delivery is used to deliver such treatments as hormone replacement therapy.

The Transdermal cream is supplied in a pharmacy grade dispenser of 20mls and contains 120mg of Rapamycin.

The Pharmacy dispenser can deliver 400 clicks with each click delivering 0.3mg of rapamycin.

If you wish to use 3mg you would dispense 10 clicks of cream, this is an easy way to deliver exactly the dose you require.

  • 1 click = 0.3mg rapamycin
  • 10 clicks = 3mg rapamycin
  • 20 clicks = 6mg rapamycin
  • 30 clicks = 9mg rapamycin

We use only the highest quality Rapamycin available 99% pure and compound it with a pharmaceutical quality transdermal cream that allows the absorption of Rapamycin into the skin quickly and without leaving any greasy residue.

Apply the desired amount to freshly washed and dried skin once weekly, rub in until completely absorbed.