Transdermal Rapamycin Cream

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Our custom formulated low dose transdermal Rapamycin cream containing 120mg Rapamycin in 20ml transdermal base. Transdermal Rapamycin in an effective way to deliver Rapamycin to the whole body.

Each ml contains 6mg of Rapamycin.

Transdermal delivery is a perfect way to deliver Rapamycin into the body as it bypasses the digestive system which can breakdown rapamycin. This type of delivery is used to deliver such treatments as hormone replacement therapy.

Transdermal delivery technology has been developed to treat a range of conditions beyond the local site of application. Transdermal delivery can offer significant advantages over oral administration due to minimal first-pass metabolism, avoidance of the adverse gastrointestinal environment, and the ability to provide prolonged and controlled delivery.

While all topical and transdermal compounds are applied to the skin, only the transdermal formulations are designed to penetrate through the skin layer and exert their effects on deeper or more distant tissues. Transdermal products utilize several methods of enhancing penetration through the Stratum Corneum, the primary barrier of the skin, allowing sufficient amounts of the drug to either reach systemic circulation or deeper underlying tissues. Topical compounds only minimally penetrate the skin layer which is its designed intent. 


The Transdermal cream is now supplied in a 20 ml tube and contains 120mg of Rapamycin.

In the past the transdermal rapamycin cream was supplied in a pharmacy grade dispenser of 20mls and contained 120mg of Rapamycin.

As of 2023 we are no longer supplying the transdermal cream in a clicker container but instead it will be supplied in a regular tube. The main reason behind this is because under certain conditions this clicker tube could leak, also a number of our customers did not like the clicker and found it too hard to use.

The rapamycin cream in a standard tube also takes less time to compound and this will assist is in getting orders out quicker to our customers and will also help keep our rising costs down allowing up to keep our pricing the same to our customers even with higher material costs and compounding fees.

Not wanting to cut corners and sacrifice quality the cream inside the tube remains the same high quality.

We use only the highest quality Rapamycin available 99% pure and compound it with a pharmaceutical quality transdermal cream that allows the absorption of Rapamycin into the skin quickly reaching systemic circulation and without leaving any greasy residue.

How to use

  • Apply the desired amount to freshly washed and dried skin once weekly, rub in until completely absorbed.
  • Most people will use half (0.5) ml once weekly to deliver 3mg of rapamycin. At this dose you will get 40 weeks of use.
  • Apply to inside of forearm or wrist for best absorption.

How to store

  • Transdermal cream should be stored in the refrigerator but do not freeze.
  • If upon delivery the cream is runny, it should be shaken until it thickens and then stored in the refrigerator. The rapamycin cream will thicken upon refrigeration.
  • Transdermal cream may become runny if warm or cold temperatures are encountered during shipping. This does not effect the performance of the cream but may change the texture but is fine to use.
Rapamycin Cream Transdermal