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To make purchasing rapamycin creams or rapamycin tables from us here is a user guide. Once you have set up a cryptocurrency account it is very easy to purchase Rapamycin from us. Below you will find an easy to use guide.

The only method of payment we accept is Bitcoin for all Rapamycin purchases.

When ordering from you will need to pay via bitcoin.

Firstly you will need to decide the items you wish to purchase.

Then you will need some bitcoins to make your payment.

If you don’t already have bitcoins you can use one of the links below to set up and fund your cryptocurrency account.

Buy cryptocurrencies quickly and easily

Buy Bitcoins with Bank Transfer, Credit or Debit Card:CoinbaseKraken,
Buy Bitcoins on exchange with Cash, Bank Transfer, Money

Select the PAY WITH BITCOIN button for the item you wish to purchase.

Enter the quantity you wish to purchase.

Enter your postal and contact details.

Then press the pay button.

The amount of bitcoins and bitcoin address you need to send will then be shown.

Then go to your cryptocurrency account and send payment for your order with the details provided.

If you are having troubles setting up a crypto wallet please see these videos:

How to set up a crypto wallet

How to send crypto

Step by Step how to purchase bitcoin using

Firstly you will need to go to
Then selected select get started
Enter your first and last name, email and a password you want to use.
Then click that you agree to the terms and conditions.
Press create account.
You will then be sent a verification email.
Once you receive this email press verify email address.
You will then be forwarded to coinbase
You will then need to enter your phone number
You will then be sent a sms with a code you need to enter, do this and press submit.
Then you will need to add a payment method, select add payment method button on your screen.
Select credit/debit card
Add your card details and zip/post code.

You can now select the green Buy crypto button.

Identity Verification is Required, click on the submit id button.
Select ID type you wish to provide.
You will need to take a photo of your id document.

It may say Verification still processing
Your identity is being verified. We will email you once your verification has completed.

you will need to wait for your id to be confirmed if this is the case.
After this is confirmed you can press on the Buy crypto button.

You will need to purchase the amount of bitcoin you need, then select buy now.
You will then have bitcoins to sent for purchase.

Go to select the items you need you will then get a code copy this code.
go back to press send / receive , then select send
enter the amount you want to send.
use the code from and paste it in the “to” part of the form.

Then press continue.