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Lab report shown here shows the results after using our newest transdermal gel base with Rapamycin.

A number of our customer have reported less than optimal absorbency when using our oral 4mg capsules.

We have addressed this concern with a transdermal based gel that is applied to the skin and bypassing the stomach acids and improving the absorption of rapamycin into circulation within the body.

A transdermal gel or cream is the same type used by pharmacies to deliver such medication such as are used in hormone replacement therapy.

Our Transdermal Rapamycin cream is our most popular product and is used by our customers worldwide.

See below blood test and lab reports below.

Blood tests after one application transdermal gel. (our Transdermal Rapamycin Cream).

buy rapamycin report

Lab report of raw Rapamycin powder.

buy rapamycin report