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Do you ever have the feeling that you’re running on empty? and maybe age is catching up with you? I did but after turning to Rapamycin I am back on track to enjoying the rest of my life

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What is rapamycin

Rapamycin was originally in 1972 in Easter Island soil.
Rapamycin is produced by the bacterium Streptomyces hygroscopicus.
Is known clinically as sirolimus or Rapamune.

What is rapamycin used for?
Rapamycin has been approved and used for many years as an immunosuppressant to prevent organ transplant rejection in larger doses.  Low dose Rapamycin in now sweeping the world as the aging population looks for ways to live longer and stay active for more years, and for good reason.

In the early 2000s, a number of researchers discovered Rapamycin’s potential to increase lifespan in a number of controlled tests. In low doses, rapamycin reliably increases the lifespan of worms, yeast, flies, mice and dogs.

Rapamycin increases lifespan
In one study, researchers gave a group of 20-month-old mice rapamycin. For mice, this is equivalent to that of 60-year-old humans. The mice were giving small doses of Rapamycin for a three-month period, then treatment was stopped and observed until they died naturally.

Normally, these mice would have died of age-related diseases around the 30-month mark; however, the treated mice lived an extra 2 months on average. One mouse lived 3 years and 8 months, which would be like a human living to 140 years old.

There are a large number of examples of increased lifespan resulting from rapamycin in multiple species.

How does rapamycin work?
It was originally thought that rapamycin was able to increase lifespan by mimicking the effects of caloric restriction. Caloric restriction is another reliable method through which researchers can increase the lifespan of many species.

Caloric restriction is known to target the mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) pathway, and the same is true for rapamycin. It is an important signaling molecule involved in our nutrient-sensing pathways.

Rapamycin is a well-known and potent inducer of autophagy in a wide range of cells from yeast to mammals. Because of this, it is highly likely that rapamycin uses autophagy as one way of increasing lifespan.

Rapamycin improves DNA storage
Recently, researchers have shown in fruit flies and mice that rapamycin improves the way DNA is stored inside cells to support gut health and longevity.

Our DNA is stored inside the cell nucleus and must be tightly wound to fit inside. A family of proteins called histones wind the DNA tightly, allowing it to squeeze into the tiny nucleus. Once packed inside, it can form chromosomes and our cells can function.

Unfortunately, as we age, the number of histones begins to decrease, which means our DNA becomes less tightly packed. This then leads to more genes being expressed, some of which are associated with aging processes, which is bad news.

Thankfully, researchers discovered that exposure to rapamycin increases the number of histones and so reverses that age-related loss. It also does this via the mTOR pathway, making it a previously unknown link between this metabolic pathway and the stability of our DNA.

Research has shown that the best method to use Rapamycin to hold back the clock in aging humans is 4mg once weekly. This low dose of Rapamycin and 7 days between doses reduces side effects and promotes beneficial antiaging effects. 

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